Micky and Lis are awesome backcountry guides, yoga and meditation leaders and great people to get to know. I am so glad that I came on a MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS trip it was an amazing experience. 

-Lisa W.


A must do if you love hiking,yoga and esp. if you are interested in philosophy and opening the mind.

-Gina R.


The most amazing thing about this retreat is how the hiking,yoga,meditation and wondrous beauty of the Canyonlands combine to create an all-encompassing, restorative experience. And I laughed a lot!

-Meagan F.

Trekking into an unforgettable landscape, the trip combines the vigor’s and hiking the wondrous trails and rock formations, the spiritual enrichment and discipline of yoga and the companionship and bonding of new friends.

-Gina L.


This adventure is an amazing journey! Mic and Lis are wonderful! Knowledgeable guides who make an otherwise potentially difficult trip nothing short of pure joy! The landscape is amazing. People should see it, as intimately and closely as we have this weekend is a life changing experience no photograph you could take will possibly do it justice. And to think: you also get to practice fantastic yoga and meditation! Amazing!

-Jim S.


Lis and Mickey-

You are the best! Thank you, thank you for a wonderful experience, just when I needed it, I love the desert plus rocks-thank you for showing plus sharing this part of it with me. I loved the massage, and gourmet cooking, and that we had a new temp family for this weekend. You both rock! I will have a little of you back with me in Michigan. Hugs!

P.S. It was a GRAND way to spend my birthday. Hugs!

-Bernadette L. (+ Digger)


MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS is an amazing adventure that will ground you, challenge you, and fills you with infinite passion in you for the desert, and life. Lis and Mickey have created an incredible experience that will be the top 10 in life’s adventures. Thank you and much love!

-Amy A.


Thank you Mic and Lis for a wonderful, spiritual and enlightening experience. You two my trip cohorts and the desert have forever changed me and left their miracles on my heart and soul. Much love to you all.

-Janelle H.


I feel wonderfully exhausted. The hiking and yoga were a great combination and when I stand in the yoga studio with my eyes closed I will imagine myself back on the rock. MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS- was everything I had hoped for and more. Lis, Mic and Martha were great hosts and very knowledgeable. We shared a lot of laugh too- I’m relaxed and refreshed.

-Sharon Q.


Thanks! Love you all- it was supper fun, relaxing and self-calming. The group dynamics were perfect. Everyone was so different that I learned a tremendous amount about how a group can come together to for a cohesive unit.


-Nora N.


Great Trip, wish it could have lasted longer! It made city life and exposing nature easy. The dedicated teachers made the trip!

-Cecilia F.


Lis and Mickey-

Thank you for a great time in the desert. You two are wonderful hosts of this awesome experience. I will cherish it always in my heart. I love you both.

-Vickie M.


My first backpacking retreat EVER! To say this was an amazing experience is an understatement. This was a rich experience in every way. I have to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom, your guidance, your patience, your strength and for letting me see a piece of your souls. The yoga sessions on the rock is permanently burned into my memory. You guys are awesome for sharing that with me. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to take all these little tokens home with me, most importantly a little slice of the desert and a few thoughts from Terry Tempest…I love you guys. I hope to see you next year if I can make it work!!

Thor Rules!

-Keri V.


A true place to peel layers of me away, reveling me. My nails are dirty, hair is dirty I feel F*$#!* great! Blessings to you lis and Mickey! You inspire me!

-Angela S.


I love the dessert! Tasty food and just the right amounts. Beautiful, funny company. Good mix of Yoga, hiking and meditation. Nothing needed, nothing wanted! Thank you, thank you.


-Wes A.


Lis and Mickey are fantastic pair who are very passionate about yoga and the backcountry. Their passion is contagious and this experience allowed myself to go deeper not only into my practice of yoga and hiking but life it’s self. Also fabulous food!

Peace and Love:

-Rita F.


I really enjoyed coming down here again. It was so beautiful to see the desert in the rain. I loved the hike; it is so different to walk on sandstone. And again the yoga and meditation was amazing! Thank you so much for this great experience, it’s so refreshing to escape the city!

-Larry F.


MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS is an amazing adventure that will ground you, challenge you, and fills you with infinite passion in you for the desert, and life. Lis and Mickey have created an incredible experience that will be the top 10 in life’s adventures. Thank you and much love!

-Amy A.


I loved this retreat, Micky,M and Lis were so refreshing,how fun and layed back they are. I especially loved that we weren't stuck in a specific schedule, it was just what I needed to get away from all the stresses back at home. There isn't anything I would change about this trip except make it longer if I could, I just can't get enough of the three. Also the yoga was great, i am picky when it comes to my teachers, but I would definitely go to lis's class if I where in salt lake city.

-Jocelyn D.


Thank you for the most amazing experience. Moab Yoga (myotr) was both rejuvenating and challenging. This beautifule desert was the perfect place to practice yoga and meditation. I especially appreciate the fact that it wasn't too touchy feely,new age, granola, peace're grounded in all the right ways and hopfully you've taught me (or at least pointed me in the right direction) how to do that in every day life.

- Lisa S.


I have such gratitude to each of you for a beautiful journy that opened my mind and heart to the desert-and to the practice of yoga and meditation-considering I'm a beginner,I'm modivated to move forward to learn much more. Thank you. Thank you. What a great Time!

-Suzette E.


Thank you for your spirit and energy. Our time together will be a memory  I will cherish for the rest of my days. I am not the same person who walked into this beautiful land. I am reborn. With love....

-Chris M.


An unforgettable experience. Thank you for sharing your passions and reminding me that the path to loving and being loved is through an open heart. All my love...

-Mike V.


Our trek into the desert with lis and mic left the feeling of calm, collected and all in all peaceful!The exercises,yoga and conversations experienced while on the trip gave me much needed perspective on my life and rejuvenated me for the busy days ahead.

-Miken C.


I think that Moab is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Doing yoga and camping out was an amazing way to experience the power and spirit of the dessert. Thank you Lis,Mic and M for making this possible!

-T H.


Yoga will never be the same again. Thank you for helping me allow the desert to teach me to slow down and "just be".

P.S. Give my regards to THOR!

-Dallas B.


I totally believe that everyone was brought together on this trip for a reason to help each other. I learned something from every person. This knowledge has helped me reflect on my life and how out of proportion some things were. I have decided to come back to the "simple" and the "straight forward" approach of the desert, and live in this way. Thank you so much for being patient with my backpacking questions. I really needed knowledge-and now I'm hooked on backpacking. Such a new and free approach to any yoga routine.

-Lisa B.


I've never taken more pictures in my life! Everywhere we turned, there was another unbelievable vista to admire. On the ground were endless little sights to behold of flowers and lizards and cripto and all a manner of excited, vibrant LIFE! Nothing however could beat the company and the interaction. Here were four participants and three fabulously experienced, humorous and friendly guides, each bringing their own personal body of knowledge. I will never forget my experience here! I learned so much about living in nature, yoga, and most importantly about myself!

-Jim S


Thanks to Elisabeth, M and Mic for a rejuvenating, reinventing, educational and over all amazing four days in the amazing desert of Canyonlands. Our yoga studio was breathtaking and the amount of instruction perfect for my beginner level, challenging but achievable. The retreat was a great construction of action and quiet, time to discuses and time to reflect. The group size of 5 is great too. Elisabeth, M and Mic were perfect complements to each other, always ready to answer questions on ALL sorts of topics! I'll be thinking about you (or trying not to think about you) when I'm doing my morning meditation. Hoping our paths cross again. Love...

-Nancy B.


Had a really good time. I loved the wilderness dharma talks, it was so refreshing to do yoga outside surrounded by such gorgeous scenery. The food was very deluxe for backpacking and everything was very well done. Thank you all very much.

-Larry F.


An inspiring landscape that sets the perfect stage for reflection. A good balance between solitude and community.

-M R.


This was a great way to reconnect with myself and with nature. The mix of the backpacking and yoga is great. And the leaders make the trip- they are warm and welcoming, and cook awesome meals!

-Elizabeth H.


Moab yoga on the Rocks was everything that I thought it would be and more! Our guides insured that we would have plenty of group time and plenty of individual time. The hikes were amazing and the yoga even more so.

-Meredith W.


What an awesome time I had! Thank you all for your efforts in getting me into the wild and starting off my summer with a BANG! Everyone was smart, fun and amazingly interesting ad strong. It was a GREAT bonding experience. Thanx! Peace....

-Pam H.


The last few days down here in the needles have been a little pause in a busy life. A time to truly be...take in the beauty of the desert, eat amazing food, be lead thru a powerful vinyasa and be taught some wonderful meditation. We laughed and got to know each other and in the process learned a little bit more about ourselves. Lis, Mic and three were such great leaders and teachers. I hope you keep doing this for a long time. I will definitely be back!

-Amy H.

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